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Nature's Architects for ages 4 - 11 (4 - 11yrs)

Saturday 10:00am - 11:00am

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School for Creative Thinkers,
Armenian Church Hall, Iverna Gardens,
W8 6TP   view map

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This class will introduce biomimicry and how architecture draws from lessons in nature and is inspired by animal builders.

We will introduce and explore nest weaving from birds, building cellular structures like the bees, cave dwellings and more! Your child will learn all about the incredible building abilities of these animals and the architecture they inspire through storytelling and architectural imagery.

You will then build and create an architectural model using those lessons within the class and be able to take home your own creations each week.

We will also provide a take home card with the week's animal, architectural lesson, and activities you can do at home to reinforce the learning.

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Saturday 10:00am - 11:00am

6 sessions Sat 07 Sep 19 Sat 14 Sep 19 Sat 21 Sep 19 Sat 28 Sep 19 Sat 05 Oct 19 Sat 12 Oct 19

If your child hasn't been before and you would like to take them along to try the class we offer a trial - it costs £25.00 for 1 session.

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